Getting caught reading

Not content with her potty training success Felicity has been on a roll with her learning.

Having two big sisters has a massive influence on her, and as Zia Carol said last week, not many two year olds get attention from two siblings and two parents at home for a whole year! So it’s not surprising that she has picked things up.

My favorite habit has been her addiction to reading!

It started with her wanting books read to her all day and all night, then she wanted the books on Oxford Owl with audio played constantly, Peppa Pig audio books have been literally worn out… and now, finally, she has taken to ‘reading’ on her own.

We have moved some of her favorite books to the floor so she can access them and I caught her ‘reading’ from memory quietly in the bedroom on her own.

What with Freya wanting to read her kindle, Flossy accessing the Oxford Own books and Felicity reading in the bedroom, you never know, we may get a moment to think soon 🙂

I know, who am I kidding, they will never ALL read At the same time, but at least there is hope 🙂

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