Swimming lessons surf side

The water is freezing!

Well, not below zero degrees freezing, but in Flossy’s case turn your lips and finger nails blue freezing…

Despite this, now that the beach is open for exercise, the girls cannot be dissuaded from getting into the water.

Unfortunately with large waves, undertows and complex currents that means that one of us has to be in the water, or at the very least in lifeguard duty.

It is at this point that Nick’s interest in sandcastle architecture, potty training Felicity and sea creatures suddenly gets inexplicably heightened??


So, rather than the girls just running in and out of the waves, we have started swimming lessons and body surfing lessons 🙂

Apparently, as I have said to many teachers over the years, “you only need to be better than a seven year old, not a world expert!”

Time to take my own advice!

We have so far recapped our floating techniques, treading water and stroke form.

Flossy is made to wear her life jacket in deeper water as a ratio of 2 to 1 seems to many in the waves. They have made so much progress and it makes them stay warm for longer too 🙂

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