Happy dad cafe

Since my diagnosis with Hashimoto’s disease, a thyroid disorder, we have been gluten free and dairy free. In addition, to help with my arthritis we are pretty much vegan. As a result I do most of the shopping and cooking and have been on an almost vertical learning curve.

So, when the girls came back from the beach saying they had found. The perfect picnic site for a cafe and that they (with daddy) were going to make lunch the next day, it was a very welcome offer!

The next day came with forecasts of storms, gale force winds and occasional sudden outbursts of rain. So the picnic was postponed.

The next day, when checking the proposed site for the picnic, the girls came across a beach goer who had ‘forgotten’ their swimming costume…. so an at home lunch was planned instead.

Freya and Flossy prepared a menu to choose from, took orders and helped with the making and serving of lunch.

The individual style spelling was proof of unaided writing

The food was served with a flourish and fanfare and was delicious.

I selected chick pea salad, coffee, chocolate and banana and was not disappointed by the fabulous fare.

Order form

The best part…. a meal off cooking 🙂

The girls loved it too xxx

Enjoying her menu selection

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