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We have met some amazing people on our travels, people who have touched our lives in so many ways. We are always so overwhelmed by the kindness we experience, often from people we only have only known for a short time.

This week a mysterious parcel arrived from Amazon.

It was recently Freya’s birthday so she hypothesized that’s the contents would be for her. Flossy’s hypothesis was more fact based in that the parcel was assessed to me so I was allowed to open it!

Inside was a full set of UK play money.

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that we had to make cardboard money to try and introduce the girls to the UK currency as they have never loved in the country.

The girls were beside themselves.

Immediately a bookstore was set up in the lounge (their favorite kind of shop) and I was despatched to make price tags.

Freya and Flossy rummaged through all the toys to find wallets and purses to use for their new found cash and a register tableau was created. Felicity was so excited to join in she refused to get dressed. (I omitted to say the parcel arrived shortly after bath time). The big girls only let her play with the old cardboard money – a later conversation to be had – it she didn’t mind.

They had a ball making purchases, getting change, checking the small print on the coins for the amounts. So much fun!

Thank you so much to Elizabeth Humphreys who we met through the INCO knitting group in Crete for being so incredibly kind and thoughtful! You really made their day and the money will be used for years to come!

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