The mother of dragons

Raising girls is a challenge.

There is always a balance to strike between ensuring good behavior, appropriate social skills and culturally acceptable images, while still ensuring their personalities are nurtured, independence is fostered and creativity is developed.

We have three very different girls.

Freya is compliant, adult pleasing and a rule follower, she has really enjoyed studying Marie Curie this week, learning how she pushed the boundaries for women in science; studying at university in secret, becoming the first female Noble Prize winner and the first female professor at the University of Paris.

Freya was empowered by the story and finished her work by saying that Marie Curie proves that girls can be awesome scientists! Work still to do on spelling.

Flossy in the other hand wanted to know how Marie Curie died, what the symptoms of radiation sickness would be and whether there are any pictures – a future medic in our midst! Completely different girls, different interests and different challenges to teach, but both inspired by a female role model.

My future dragons… hear them roar!

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