More acts of incredible kindness

I attribute the reason that teaching became my vocation to two very special women – Ms Irene Leeves who took a huge chance in employing me as an unknown entity and Mrs Alison Raines who trained and mentored me in my first year.

Life goes on a pace and it can be hard to keep in touch, but Alison and I have remained in contact through letters, cards and emails over the years. She has met two of the girls and now has grandchildren of her own.

When she messaged to say some gifts were on the way it was completely out of the blue. We didn’t know what to look out for and knows that there had been delays in the post, but when a parcel arrived the other allay the girls were over the moon to have something to open.

And what a parcel it was.

Anyone who reads this blog often will know that arts and crafts okay a large part in the girls’ days. Their go to activity is often drawing and one of their favorite forms of expression is making collages from stickers.

The parcel contained stickers and paper, masks and sewing activities – it was as if all their Christmases had come at once 🙂

Some beautiful artwork was created to be sent to Alison, along with incredibly complex stories to accompany them of course!

So kind and so much appreciated! Thank you!

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