Sound waves

You can hear our girls all the way across the campsite.

Flossy has a piercing voice that carries literally miles! Freya is not as loud…. unless she is reprimanding Flossy that is… Felicity has to be loud to be heard over the two older girls.

I have been trying to convince Flossy that she can speak at a slightly quieter level and couldn’t think how to make her aware of how loud she was.

Inspiration came in the form of a science experiment on one of our books:

We talked about sound being waves and travelling along through the air and through different materials.

Using recycled yoghurt pots from our neigh our and our reused kite string we made our ‘telephone’ to see if we could communicate long distances down the string.

Flossy quickly learnt that she had to speak more quietly if she was to only to be heard through the telephone and not just be heard in the normal way! Success!

They called each other for hours, experimenting with turning corners, closing doors, inside and outside people, wobbly string and tight string and many more variations. They also discovered that you must take it in turns and have the pot over your ear in order to hear your partner – genuine turn taking in conversation! An added bonus in the side.

Did it last? No! Flossy was back to her piercing volume almost immediately after the experiment, but we do now have a point of reference to refer to when we are asking her to quieted down now, so maybe that will help?

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