Place value when it’s hard

Freya has been working so hard in her maths. We have made some great progress and have been recapping repeatedly before moving on.

This week we checked our understanding of place value again before applying it to additional of two digit numbers.

We started with the abacus and the bead string to look at the volume of beads that represented different amounts

We went onto talk about whole rows of ten and units referring back to the bead string and abacus as we went to understand again the size of the numbers when partitioning.

Once she was confident in partitioning we worked in reverse and made numbers from a partitioned number working upon to three digits.

She grew so much in confidence as she worked independently through the individual questions that we did over 90 minutes together practicing.

It was a delight to see her enjoying her maths work.

We went onto addition and used our new partitioning skills to understand the value of the amounts we were adding.

She was even able to apply her understanding to crossing the tens and hundreds barriers.

We now just need to see if it sticks?

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