Christopher Columbus

Freya is really enjoying history still, somewhat to do with the videos in BBC Bitesize as well as her fascination with times gone by.

We linked the learning onChristopher Columbus with Geography and a focus on North America (see later).

Once again, Flossy was fascinated with the video, not so much with the idea of writing. I do need to give her a beak though! She only learnt to read three months ago and I am expecting multiple sentences from her about indigenous peoples and colonization!

I do remind myself I promise!

We all learnt something though… I had no Idea Christopher was actually born in Italy! So that was enlightening and enjoyed very much by the girls who think that between Siri, Google and I we know everything!

Freya was very focused and fact based, her drawing was emotive and showed native Americans being forced into a boat, with a mother and child running away and the King of Spain watching on impassively! I think the got the just of it then!

Flossy’s drawing featured Christ The Redeemer from Rio, a dolphin and Jesus parting the Res Sea…. so I think she may have her RE, history, geography and chronology confused… she’s only five I hear myself cheating under my breath!

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