Tiny books!

The British Library shared some tiny books by famous authors recently and it struck me as an amazing provocation for writing for Flossy and Freya, who both love all things tiny!


I made some moderately small books using a folding technique that turns one piece of A4 into an 8 page tiny book.

I have them to the girls then read the tiny book that Axel Scheffler has written during lockdown as an inspiration.

They adored it and immediately set about writing their own creations.

Flossy wrote a story about Olly, Tolly and Max the penguins.

“Olly was swimming in the cold water when he spotted a group of penguins.”

Freya wrote a story about a rabbit starting school.

She wasn’t happy with her spelling, she wrote and illustrated it completely independently, so she asked to write it with the corrections so she could do a second draft.

Ready for the second draft

The story was amazing in itself, my favorite however was the ‘Meet the author’ section on the back cover:

More about the author.
A talented author, Freya is only 7. She has written and illustrated this book completely by her self.

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