Car journey learning

There are so many opportunities for learning everywhere that our poor girls don’t even get a rest in the car!

We recently drove all the way from Sampieri on the South Eastern Coast of Sicily to Palermo on the North Western Coast with the caravan. It took us seven hours on the bumpy, windy roads towing the caravan.

Along the way we:

  • read signs sounding out phonetically
  • Spotted the letters in our names
  • Read the numbers we could see
  • Read number plates
  • Discussed coastline erosion
  • Spotted evidence of tectonic plate movement
  • Discussed volcanoes
  • Compared volcanic soil with the other soil in view
  • Discussed terracing on the hillside
  • Identified what fruits and vegetables were in season by the sellers at the side of the road
  • made estimations for timings
  • Turned a car park into an obstacle course
  • Made a new house for Eeyore

And generally brought a lot of energy and fun to what could have been a really long and boring journey.

The girls also watched three movies and ate ALOT of snacks!

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