Making maths memorable

Continuing on our slow progress through the year 2 maths curriculum this week Freya and I embarked on subtraction.

With so much work having gone into securing her place value understanding I must admit that I thought this would go smoothly… it quite so.

We warmed up with some number bonds to ten and then twenty to remind ourselves of the associated number facts:

  • 6+4=10
  • 4+6=10
  • 10-6=4
  • 10-4=6

Unfortunately she was immediately lost.

So we spent some time exploring this and once that learning was refreshed we pushed on to trying to spot patterns in subtractions where the unit was always the same… for example.

  • 10-7=3
  • 20-7=13
  • 20-17=3
  • 30-7=23
  • 30-17=13
  • 30-27=3

This was really tricky in the abstract but easier when bags of sweets were introduced for tens and individual sweets for units.

As she started to see the pattern she started to get more confident.

We went on to reminding ourselves about partitioning and used the sweets to help us with some calculations.

She flew through these with her new method and quickly manipulated the bags of sweets to find the answer and check her partitioning and working out.

We will start with this again next week and then move onto crossing the tens boundary (and opening the bags of ten sweets)!

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