Portraits and sunsets

For the last days in Sicily we were lucky enough to rent the small holiday cottage on the campsite. Zia Carol came and stayed for the penultimate night and day and the girls had a fabulous time avoiding all of the packing up!

Some of the many highlights of Carol staying over were the art pieces that Freya produced.

We had been talking about portraits having explored the book “13 women artists children should know”.

13 Women Artists Children Should Know https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/3791343335/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Pt-1EbWV3Z0A1

We watched Austin’s butterfly, a video about constructive feedback, then Freya set her observational eye on Carol!

Carol was an excellent ‘sitter’ for the portrait and a great sport.

Freya ensures that the glass of Prosecco had pride of place in the shot!

Freya was keen to add a Sicilian sunset in the background, creating this from memory.

She went on to produce a sunset drawing in its own right a little later.

The finished portrait was put on Carol’s Facebook page for feedback and has had rave reviews! Freya has found her muse!

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