Grammar in life

I went to school in the era where grammar was not explicitly taught, we were supposed to absorb sentence structure through osmosis when reading. There first time I head of verbs or pronouns etc was in French lessons at secondary school!

Needless to say, when training to be a teacher, this was an area I really had to focus on so that I was comfortable teaching grammar correctly. It is still not my favorite area of English by far!

As a result, I tend to teach grammar in real life contexts wherever possible – not just because this is more fun for the children, but also because it helps me as the teacher!

This week, building up to a big piece of creative writing, we were looking at verbs. To make them come to life we read a cook book and identified the verbs at the beginning of each point in the method.

Lovely book for children’s cooking ideas

The girls were even more engaged when I told them that they could choose a recipe to follow so we could act out the verbs in real life!

The children liked the idea of making bread for lunch so we read the ‘Play Dough’ recipe through twice finding the ordinal numbers (first, second, third) and the imperative verbs (bossy words like ‘mix’).

They got the hang of it quickly and enjoyed bossing each other around!

Freya then read the ingredients and instructions to Flossy, Felicity and I whole we followed the bossy verbs and made the dough.

Once the kneading was done, each of the girls made their own dough characters to bake and eat.

While they were in the oven Freya and Flossy had a go at writing their own instructions for making bread using the book as inspiration.

Freya could talk about the verbs confidently and Flossy focused on reading the number measurements and finding phonic sounds on the instructions, like ‘ou’ in flour.

Once the bread was baked we ate it with our home made hummus and veggie sticks for lunch. It was delicious!

One thought on “Grammar in life

  1. You are so right about being left to absorb grammar. I didn’t and I’m sure that’s why I found Greek so difficult. Loved this post and smiled to see you all enjoying the space of a proper kitchen! X

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