Moving towards column addition 1

Freya and I have been working to build up her confidence in maths over the past weeks as those of you who read the blog regularly will know.

Over the past week we have been looking at standard written methods for addition and subtraction and have been using what we know to work towards being able to add and subtract ‘the way we were taught’ at school.

In a previous post I talked about making maths memorable and showed how we had used bags of sweets and individual sweets to represent tens and ones.

The first lesson as we moved towards column addition was to remove the concrete materials and simply partition the numbers into tens and ones (units), add them, then recombine them back into a whole number.

Freya remembered the method and was confident enough to practice with a number line to support her with the calculations.

She quickly moved onto working independently only needing help with layout and columns (a problem with not having squares books to work on).

Tomorrow we move onto expanded written method!

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