Felicity surprises us – again!

She catches us out most days!

I think it comes from having two big sisters to copy and emulate, but she really surprises us sometimes with what she can do and wants to do.

Usually, during lesson time, one of us is charged with ‘keeping Fliss busy’ but some days, she just wants to so what the big girls are doing.

Today is just such an example.

Freya and Flossy we’re learning about letter writing and we’re both intent on their work at the dining room table. No amount of persuading could get Fliss to leave the room so, Nick decided to teach her to write her name.

Expecting nothing as you would expect from a two and a half year old, imagine our surprise when she almost accurately traced her name using the dots Nick had drawn!

She had so much fun and sense of satisfaction thy she continued to trace over a range of other names before getting bored.

We thought she would move on to play… but no… she drew a picture and told Nick what to write so she could ‘write a story’!

So her it is, Felicity’s first story… ‘Baby, do not sit on the queen!’.

We will let you know when there is another installment!

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