Creating space for creation

Freya is writing a book. This has happened before, but this time she is using some story construction tools to help her with her structure.

With two younger siblings in the house it is always difficult to find a quiet place to work, more so in the caravan admittedly, but still the case in the French house where we are now located.

Taking Freya’s need for quiet seriously and with the feedback from her FS2 teacher Miss Gibbons ringing fun our ears, I set out to find a solution.

We ended up with a writing corner in our bedroom.

She has a big girl chair and a desk with a view over the fields and the garden. Bathed in natural light she saw this as proof she was a serious writer and set too to bring forth her story (more on this to follow).

Not to be out done, our aspiring five year old author wanted her own space too… so we converted the electric piano into a desk in Flossy’s room so she too could take her art seriously.

She spontaneously wrote a mini story

Flossy was screaming – “We’ll find out what’s going on.” Said Freya. Flossy looked up from her book, it was a red book. Then Flissy pointed. Flossy said to Freya, “Where are you going Daddy? Mummy has found a trap”. “Can we come too?” Said Daddy.

I’ll let you know if we find out what happens next!

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