Writing for a purpose – letters

I have mentioned before I think how much purpose has an impact on writing. If a child knows ‘why’ they are doing something they can ignite intrinsic motivation to keep themselves working.

Even better is when the come up with the writing idea themselves.

Our girls have had many ‘goodbyes’ in their lives. Too many some would say. We try to talk to them about how, if you don’t say goodbye to some people, you don’t get to say hello to others. This logic is lost on their tiny minds particularly when they feel emotional.

After fond farewells to family and friends in both Greece and Sicily after 4 months and 3 months In Situ respectively Freya decided she wanted to write some letters.

Seeing this as a great opportunity to delve into a new genre we set about learning about the layout and structure of letters.

In our shipping, along with hundreds of children’s books, we had found folding stationary – letter and envelope combined – which further intrigued and motivated our writers.

Freya chose to write to Granny Caz while Flossy chose to write to Zia Carol.

We discussed rhetorical questions, polite information sharing and when it was or was not appropriate to ask for information about subjects.

Freya quickly finished her first draft, completed her edits and wrote up her letter on the given stationary.

Flossy ran out of steam after the the address and may need us to scribe for her if the letter is ever going to make it to the post office!

Great intrinsic motivation from them both!

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