National Empathy Day

The lovely #drawwithRob Rob Biddulph has a special draw along session this week for #EmpathyDay.

Given Flossy’s heightened emotional state, about most things, and her inability to regulate said emotions while balancing her egocentricity we thought it was a good opportunity to talk about feelings.

We looked at one of the children’s books from the shopping about drawing cartoons and studied the emotions on the faces of the characters.

I then let them watch #drawwithRob and we all drew our emotional sloth together. He taught them how to draw different emotions on their sloth’s faces and how to write a speech bubble.

Flossy chose to write ‘Be kind, I love you’ whole Freya wrote ‘be friendly’ and drew a monkey friend for the sloth. (I did an eco sloth in case you are interested).

It was a great way to talk about our feelings, how we know what other people are feeling and what to do to help. Watch this space and we will see if our family drawing leads to greater family empathy?

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