Planning a creative writing project

Freya has been working on her book for just over a week, I hope to share the finished product soon… in the meantime I wanted to share the planning process that we went through to support our seven year old 🙂

As you saw in an earlier post we created a stress free, quiet space for Freya to write that she was involved in choosing, that was flooded with natural light and that’s as made to feel ‘special’.

We took the focus for her book from one of Freya’s many awesome ideas.

She has created an illustration while in the car on our long trans-Europe drive which she has labeled ‘Smobots and the coronavirus’ stating that she wanted to write a story about it – this was logged, the picture carefully saved for the right moment, and the idea nurtured gently over the coming days.

When we knew we had a good week of clear time ahead of us settled in the house in supported Freya with her planning.

First, I introduced the story mountain to her:

We talked through the mountain, then compared it to a well known story – Little Ted Riding Hood where I modeled the different slopes on the mountain and compared them to the popular fairy tale.

Finally, in this session, I asked Freya to loosely map out what she thought might happen in her story under the story mountain headings.

Leaving her excited to get writing we ended the lesson with great anticipation for what tomorrow might bring!

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