Creative writing lesson two

The next morning Freya was very keen to get started on her book!

We reminded ourselves what was in the plan and talked about her introduction.

With me working on a mind map she talked me through the characteristics of her protagonist and his friends then went on the describe the setting in great detail. I used the headings of the senses to give her a structure to this.

Character development planning

Her energy levels were high and she was really keen to be let loose. Despite not planning on starting her off until the next day, I succumbed and went with her to her writing desk to get started.

We talked about not using the notes as they are, but crafting them into complete sentences and paragraphs. We also talked about tracking when she had used a note so she could see and celebrate her progress.

She knuckles down and got writing….

This is the first draft of her first day writing:

Freya completed up to ‘build up’ in one sitting.

This is the most she has written independently in one sitting …. more tomorrow on what we did next!

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