Creative writing part three

Freya was not so sure about her writing the next day…

She was excited to work together on the planning for her next focus – the ‘Build up’ of her story but when I had to leave her working independently while doing the grocery shopping, she lost momentum and her work was of a much lower standard.

She knew this, I knew this and daddy who had kept a light eye on her knew this.

We agreed that this was no one’s fault… and everyone’s fault and that Freya and I would have a go at editing the next section together the next day.

The next morning we reviewed what she had done and we talked about how we old improve it. Then, so she didn’t feel as though she was being punished by being made to write it again, I wrote and she spoke the whole next section of her story using the plan and her precious work as the structure.

It was such a great teaching session, we revised paragraphs, speech marks, eclipses, commas and improves her choice of adjectives and verbs throughout as she ‘wrote’.

The quality of her work was great and her enthusiasm was back!

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