The final edit lesson five

We read the whole story aloud to the family… Freya was so proud of her work she practically beamed!

Once she had celebrated her achievement the editing began. Daddy talked to Freya about the process he went through before his book was published. The number of edits he did and the new drafts he wrote. We also talked again about ‘Austin’s butterfly’ and how Austin improved after every lot of feedback. This way we maintained her positive self-esteem while also ensuring she improved her work.

We went through line by line making changes as we went (green pen you see in the pictures throughout the previous blogs) until she was sure it was as good as it could be.

Then, we made a deal… I would write out the whole story for her in cursive handwriting with all the changes made, so that she could write it up in ‘best’ for her book!

The deal was made and that night I made page templates for her showing where the text and illustrations would go in her final draft and then wrote out the whole book…. all 12 pages!

One thought on “The final edit lesson five

  1. Hi Kate! This is lovely. Have you used the app ‘book creator’ before? The children can upload their writing/illustrations etc. and it creates an online book that you can share with everyone. It’s such a lovely app – I use it to showcase my daughter’s mark-making to the family…it flips the pages and everything! Hope you and the family are well.


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