Flossy’s ‘Snobots’

Not to be out done, Flossy embarked on her own version of Freya’s book and called it the ‘Snobots’.

To give Freya credit she as incredibly supportive of this and encouraged Flossy in every way.

Flossy was not keen on planning anything, nor second drafting anything, but as she has been writing for less than six months we thought that was fair enough! She ran out of steam and didn’t finish the book, but was proud of her progress in the image of her big sister none the less.

Once upon a time there was a family of birds. The dad was smart and the mummy…
Was pretty. The baby was cute. The people who looked after them was kind. John was also an inventor.
They lived in a tree in the garden with the Snobots. The garden was attached to the house, the Snobots lived in the house.

Not bad for a little one 🙂

She wrote to Zia Carol to tell her that she hopes to have the book published by the first of September?? You never know, stranger things have happened where Flossy is concerned!

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