Self portraits

The lovely Zia Carol sent us a new challenge after the still life success…. self portraits.

Being in the house of a very talented artist we could find mobile mirrors for the purpose that had no doubt been used for self portraits in the past.

I set the girls up in front of the fire with a mirror each and we talked about shape, structure and dimensions of the human head.

We flicked through the heads and faces section of an art book I have and looked at how the artist and made the face seem 3D.

As I always try to do, I sat down with them and committed to doing a self portrait as well.

Flossy was so interesting in her approach. She didn’t believe that she could do ‘real’ drawing and that she could only do cartoon drawing. She set about with a black ink pen and made a few attempts… getting more and more abstract with each pivot, eventually completing a pencil sketch far below her usual level of ability. The abstracts were enchanting for a five year old though.

Freya was dogged in her determination but was hounded by self doubt when faced with looking in the mirror. We worked side by side but she couldn’t be objective about her reflection and found the process really challlenging.

She changed how she sat, walked around and ended up laying on the seat I had made for her.

She finished a line drawing and was quite pleased with the results, however she did not like adding the color and soon abandoned the project.

I managed to finish a line drawing but was told so looked far too sad and grumpy so should not do any more self portraits! Charming!

My grumpy self portrait

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