Reducing parent workload

We want to make sure we consolidate Freya’s amazing maths progress with frequent practice.

This can be quite labor intensive on the parent teacher… this was my sneaky trick this week.

We were spending so much time on the Smobots writing project I needed maths to be quick and easy to pick up and go.

Using Freya’s new oversized maths book (thank you France) I folded a page in half so it could be seen in many ways on many pages:

Can be seen on left page, both halves of right page , on both sides of its own page!

I then proceeded to make a ‘shop’ on the folded page with many many items under a pound where addition up to 100 could be practiced at length.

On day one, Freya completed additions using the shop for the amounts. She did 2 digit numbers add 2 digit numbers and adding three 2 digit numbers.

On day two we found the difference between two amounts from the shop and practiced our subtractions.

On day three we used the shop again to find totals over 100 and learnt to carry into the hundred column.t

On day four we moved onto finding change from -£1, recapping 100 pence, and learnt to borrow from the hundred column.

Finally on day five we used the shop to find totals then give change from a pound as two part problems.

Great work by Freya but not too much work for me 🙂 I’m next going to cut the shop out of the book and use it on other pages!

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