We drove somewhere!

Finally, after months and months locked down in Italy and France we went out for the afternoon as a family.

The excitement was palpable.

Parks in a France reopened this week so we packed a picnic – note about this on another blog – and drove to the nearby lake in st. Estephe.

The girls were just overjoyed to be out altogether as a family in the fresh air.

The surprising learning interest however came from Flossy’s fascination with the road works that were taking place!

We saw some men laying down the grit to resurface the road which led to a LOT of Flossy questions… and a lot for Flossy is a LOT!

We decided to do some investigating and found a kids friendly video about road building.

The girls then collected all the resources du needed from around the garden and set about building their own road!

Some large boulders were placed on an impermeable membrane and – big stones on newspaper, then they placed small stones and rocks atop the boulders to get an even surface, finally they patted down the mud to compact it.

The toy diggers and rollers got some use and the finished project was pretty convincing 🙂 I love it when their learning takes them down unexpected routes… brilliant… and we learnt a bit too!

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