Learning by the lake

The girls really do have an insatiable want and need for knowledge and learning, I know that as teachers and we start learning never stops… but seriously!

So when we got to the lake on our day trip the beach and the lake were still closed due to coronavirus. (Toilets too but that is another story entirely!) The lakeside walk, picnic area and volleyball court were open so the girls, as ever, just made the best of what they had!

Within but a few minutes they were in the volleyball court sand creating!

Freya set about wanting to build a sand version of a snow man.

Gravity was experimented with as was friction, the ratio of water to sand was investigated and the resulting sand man was not entirely to her liking!

None the less she stated it was her new best friend and that she wanted him to live with us forever…

By the time we had walked for 30 minutes around part of the lake there sand man had been squashed (her sign of ‘Arret’ clearly having been ignored).

We then went through a full grief cycle with the sand man being named ‘squishy’ in honor of his demise 😦

Flossy, more pragmatic by far, decided a pairing down sand man was the way to go… inevitably her sand man survived.

Felicity, completely oblivious to the emotional rollercoaster going on around her simply proceeded to make squishy into a mermaid tail over her legs!

If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be hysterical. Anyway, we vowed to get out and about again sometime soon… once we have all recovered!

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