Flossy gets us to go on a picnic

It rained pretty solidly for the first two weeks in France so every time Flossy asked if we could go on a picnic the answer was a firm no!

We are t sure why she loves picnics so much, but she asked almost every day until we promised that, as soon as the weather broke, we would go on a picnic.

Bright and early she decided that the day had come! The sun was shining, there was food in the fridge and we had promised!

By the time we had got up and had breakfast she has made a menu plan with illustrations as to what was to be packed!

While Freya and I did homelearning Flossy and daddy set about making the picnic and assembling everything we would need.

Almost everything on the list was packed (there was a line drawn under pancakes and glasses of milk but otherwise everything was very doable).

Flossy worked really hard making sandwiches for the girls and salad for daddy and I ready for us to set off for the lake. She labeled the food as it was packed to make sure everyone got the right meal 🙂

On arrival, she took her responsibilities very seriously and served everyone their starter – tomatoes and cucumber on sticks, before handing out the named sandwiches and salad.

She loved every minute, and the picnic was delicious. A little chef in the making and certainly enough persistence and resilience to get her own way in pretty much any situation!

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