Father’s Day Design Technology

Never a learning moment missed in this house! Through my curriculum tracking against the National Curriculum I had noticed that we hadn’t taught any levers, cogs or paper engineering.

At a loss as to how to shoehorn this into a child led learning moment the objectives have been festering at the back of my mind threatening to become a discrete taught lesson.

Then, what with having unpacked all the books we had left in France, an opportunity to make pop up cards and lift the flap cards for Father’s Day presented itself.

Of course, our girls have a will and mind of their own, so it didn’t quite go to plan, but some learning definitely took place about paper engineering!

Freya made a loft the flap card that had a house with bunk beds in:

Flossy abandoned her pop up card, and then her Father’s Day Card, as she lost her temper with the cutting and folding… a slightly macabre black and white sketch was all that was left.

Freya made up for it by making two extra cards one ‘written by Freya and illustrated by Flissy” and one from all the girls! She decided she had had enough of being ‘taught’ and resorted to illustration.

So, the objectives remain at the back of my mind waiting for an appropriate learning opportunity to present itself! One day…..

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