Introduction to coding, lesson one

The most fun we have had on a rainy day in AGES!

For the same reason as we haven’t taught levers, pulleys and cogs we haven’t taught coding yet this year.

There simply hasn’t been a genuinely child led reason to do so. So we have been putting it off!

But, a rainy few days pushed me to think outside the box with some ideas as to how to introduce the girls to coding over a few lessons.

We started with directions in maths and learnt the pints of the compass and revised our left and right.

Then, we tried to remember clockwise and anti-clockwise to help use others turns.

Finally, we moved all the furniture out of the way in the lounge and set up a game.

We started by just running to the different compass points to warm up our brains. Then, We pointed to different directions, then turned clockwise and anti-clockwise by quarter turns and half turns. Everyone had a go at being ‘the boss’ – we tried right and left too to see if these had stuck.

Next, we started moving around the room using the terminology to give directions.

4 steps East

Quarter turn clockwise

2 steps South etc.

This was great fun and everyone liked being in charge of the ‘robot.’

Finally, I used chalk to lay out a maze on the tiled floor and each child had a turn of directing and being directed around the maze… Freya was even brave enough to do it blind folded!

Looking forward to the next lesson already 🙂

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