Computer coding introduction, lesson two

We haven’t really introduced the girls to computer coding, there will be enough time in front of screens once they are back in mainstream school I am sure. We didn’t however want them to miss out on learning the skills that they will need to apply once they start coding on a computer or App.

So, in the previous lesson, we started with some basics; clockwise and anti-clockwise turns, left and right and compass points.

This lesson we moved from practical to slightly more abstract.

On a board I created a maze and the girls had to write instructions to get the Playmobil guy from the start to the end! We then tested out their directions to see if he made it safely 🙂

They were pretty successful and when they went wrong we talked about bugs and debugging as you would when programming.

Back into the practical, I created a treasure hunt in the garden and sent them out with a map (and daddy) to see if they could identify landmarks and find their way around a 2D version of a 3D space.

The added inventive of real treasure definitely added some extrinsic motivation

Extra bit of maths of course adding up how much money they found!

This was the last planned activity…. but unbeknownst to me there was another lesson to go… but you will need to wait and see.

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