Computer coding introduction, surprise third lesson

I wasn’t even nearly awake when Flossy pounced on me!

Continuing a conversation she was having with me in her head she launched into a tirade about me sleeping too late and the treasure hunt being ready.

I was escorted to get dressed and promptly dragged out the door, my jumper following me as it was hurled by my loving husband to protect me from the chilly morning weather.

Unbeknownst to me while I slumbered, Flossy has been one and about planning a treasure hunt for me!

Hot off the success of the chocolate treasure she had decided to extend her own learning and had designed a route for me to follow in the garden.

When I found the first cross there was an empty jar in the ground with a handwritten post it inside:

Big lie in

She is so amazing!

I followed the map and found all the prizes which, along with the lie in I had apparently already had, included:

  • A hug from Flossy
  • A hug from Felicity
  • A cup of tea
  • A sit in the aun
  • Some writing by Flossy

My day had been ‘made’ before 8:30am by this lovely little five year old and her fabulous imagination! She also managed to tick off half her home learning tasks for the day through her independent work. Super star!

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