Flossy finished her book

Flossy enjoys proving that she too can do anything Freya can do.

As homeschooling parents this serves us well as it means she has a LOT of intrinsic motivation most of the time.

Freya has had a lot of positive attention from her Smobot work so, Flossy has set about writing a sequel of sorts.

However, after a few pages, she had run out of steam.

Seeing Freya learn short stop animation was motivation enough for the book to get finished 🙂

So, here I present Flossy’s finished book, The Snobots.

Just in case you can’t decipher her five year old Writing it says:

“The Snobots and the Coronavirus”

“Once upon a time there was a family of birds.

The daddy was smart, the mummy was pretty. The baby was cute.

The people who looked after them was called John. John was also an inventor.

They lived in a tree in the garden with the Snobots. The garden was attached to the house. The Snobots lived in the house.

One morning the first Snobot, all of the Snobots, got up and brushed their teeth. John painted them white. Then Clawface comes and gives some backpacks.

John said thanks. The dog barked and Clawface stared at him.

Then Clawface left. The Snobots began to cry. He hasn’t died said John. The Snobots stopped crying. Mel sung some songs. Zzzzxzxx the songs sent everyone to sleep.

When they woke up they made some Snobots. When it was time for lunch Bruce sat in his high chair. Mel fed Bruce. When the lunch was done John had a long walk. When they got back it was dinner time. They had dinner, Mel and Bruce left.

The end.”

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