Apple mint marshmallows

It is wonderful when the children direct their own learning… for so many reasons!

  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Increased understanding as they start at wherever they are
  • Creativity
  • Self differentiation
  • Open ended
  • Usually much more complex than anything we would plan as adults!

The girls were asked to collect some apples from the garden so we could make stewed apple. They took the kids wheelbarrow and daddy helped them shake the trees.

When they returned with their fantastic haul of apples Freya also had a handful of mint.

Rather than asking to make mint tea, which is a fairly regular occurrence, Freya decided she wanted to make apple mint marshmallows???

Daddy was reading with Flossy, Felicity and I were making dinner and stewed apple so Freya was left to her own devices.

She boiled the kettle, washed, peeled and chopped the apples, washed and tore the mint and let the mixture steep.

Once I had finished with the hand blender she blended the mixture.

No one knew what her invention was supposed to look like, but seemingly the mixture was too runny for making her vision a reality.

She got herself a plate and carefully spooned the mixture out into five small piles.

With a little help with the broken door she put the playe into the freezer and we set a timer for two hours.

Once the alarm went off we were all treated to a delicious frozen mouthful! They were absolutely lovely!


So good that I asked her to write down what she did and promised to buy her an ice cube tray to use for future batches.

She diligently worked through the morning writing up her instructions for the recipe.

All completely independently.

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