Sunday fun day

We do homeschooling every day we are at home. We find that it gives us a clear structure to the day and helps with all aspects of family life.

Thy being said, we do try to make sure that Sunday is ‘fun day’ so if there are things the girls have asked to do during the week that we have had to say ‘no’ to, we try to make time on Sunday’s.

A regular request is painting!

Now, I love arts and crafts as anyone who reads this blog knows. But paint! There is only one thing worse than paint for clearing up….. glitter…

Now we have a garden and a picnic table there is no reason to say no as long as the sun is shining… so out we went!

Freya set about making a birthday card for Daddy, then a new book called ‘Farmer Foster’.

Flossy got some cards to paint and also made birthday cards for Daddy.

Felicity ate the paint, dipped her dabbing brush in the paint water and ‘cleaned’ the table, painted the table cloth and demanded that Freya painted her face.

Which Freya did… as a tiger, as an elephant and as a cat.

The mess was unbelievable! The art work questionable but the fun endless 🙂

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