Gardening girls

The garden here in a France is amazing. There is a small kitchen garden and a large sloping garden with an orchard at the bottom.

A lovely chap called Iain does the lawn mowing and cuts a route through the long grass so the garden can be explored.

Not in his remit are the patio areas or flower beds.

The girls and I needed to keep out of the way so daddy could do his gym instructor exam. I decided it was a good idea to move them to the other side of the house as Flossy’s voice really can travel!

We set about clearing the weeds from the patio and carting then down to the compost heap. It took the four of us about an hour to clear the weeds and sweep the stones clear of debris.

Buoyed by their success the girls were keen to continue so, we found some plant pots and set about filling them with soil and compost.

We used the rotten fallen leaves, some soil from the garden and some potting compost to fill the pots.

Last summer I had bought some lettuce seeds to plant, but we didn’t find the time. We made finger holes and planted the seeds in the pots, watered them, then set them on our newly cleared patio area to catch the sun… who knows, we may have a crop before we head back to the UK… fingers crossed 🙂

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