Habitat hunt

We have been loving our science lessons this month so decided to spend a couple of days immersing ourselves in the French countryside studying habitats.

We watched the BBC Bitesize habitats videos as an introduction to adaptation for environment.

I had also brought with us a Discovery Channel series of DVDS about Earth. There was a great one about Survival in Extreme circumstances which we watched one evening. The girls were fascinated about how life goes on in some of them pay adverse conditions across the globe.

Did you know that polar bears have black skin to help with what absorption? Nor did we!

Finally, to bring the whole subject to life, we went on a habitat hunt around our village. The girls loved watching the tadpoles in the puddles, the birds around the lakes and hunting for mini beasts in the woodland. A butterfly even landed on me for good measure 🙂

Steve Daniels in Crete would have been proud of our big hunting 🙂

The girls then did an annotated diagram of their chosen animal outlining the adaptations they had they meant they suited their habitats.

When we went on a walk around St Estephe Grand Etang lake we kept an eye out for more habitats and even found some fresh water crayfish in the lake!

It was a wonderful unit and much enjoyed. So lovely to see the girls connecting with nature again after being in a house for a month or so.

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