Raft making…. for insects!

I really don’t need to worry about following the curriculum. Almost every time I think, I need to plan a discreet session one of the girls casually meets the objective through their imaginative play.

This week we had the paddling pool out in the garden. As you can imagine lots of insects and bugs went for a swim whenever it was unattended. Freya, being the kind hearted soul she is, spent many an hour trying to save them.

She went quiet one day for a while and emerged briefly to ask for some hair bands. Used to strange requests we no longer ask why and duly provides a range of large and small bands of a variety of colors.

A little while later she presented us with a raft and a boat with a sail.

These she placed in the paddling pool so any stray bugs could climb aboard.

After some questioning it emerged she had gone through a number of iterations. She had tried tiring the sticks together with grass, but they came apart, hence the hair bobbles. A number of different volumes of sticks had been tried but five was the perfect number. She had tried leaves for the sail but they were too heavy so had moved onto petals. Rose petals were the best as they didn’t tear when you out the sticks through!

A very proud innovator

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