Art – soap sculptures

It is great to keep an eye on BBC Bitesize as it prompts you to venture outside of your normal planned learning experiences.

While browsing through the lessons I spotted this art stimulation for soap sculptures.

I had recently been shopping and had fortuitously bought a pack of three bars of soap to replenish supplies in the house and the caravan… serendipitous I hear you shout!

So we had a go.

What went well? WWW

  • They loved working in a new medium
  • The video was engaging and suggested a few different activities
  • The soap spelt lovely
  • We could actively use the end product and see them every day

Even Better If (EBI)

  • We had planned a bit more thoroughly before hacking at the soap
  • There was more direction on how to cut and scrape the soap (a knife on the blunt side gently scraping!)
  • The mess of soap flakes was quite something to behold
  • Making a shape emerge from a 3D mass is quite a challenging concept for little minds

Despite the challenges we produced some lovely work and had a lot of fun.

Flossy produced a soap version of purple penguin, so did Felicity.

Freya made a rabbit who is currently being used in the house bathroom for hand washing!

I used all the recycled flakes to make a fourth bar of soap so as not to waste too much!

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