Three blind mice

While walking down the lane we had spotted a little dead mouse. It didn’t appear to be injured but was certainly dead. A good learning point about the circle of life and quickly forgotten.

Then, while packing to go to the lake for our mini break, we head some squeaking.

A couple of hours later we heard scratching and louder squeaking.

An hour later the squeaking was weaker 😦

So, we investigated.

In the drawer of the trailer tent kitchen, stored in the barn, we found a nest with a litter of three mice.

Some rudimentary research suggests that they are less than 10 days old as they have not opened their eyes.

So… what to do?

Now we knew about them and suspected the connection between the dead mouse and the litter could we in all good conscience let them die?

Apparently not!

So now mummy is feeding three blind mice with a dropper and soya cream (all we have as vegetarians / vegans) every four to six hours! Yes, through the night!

They apparently should be eating more often but they sleep and I’m not dedicated enough to wake them up to feed them….

I’ve tried some fruit, blueberries, and that was licked but not eaten so looks like I’m in milk drops for a while longer at least.

They have come to the lake in their box and , I assure you, will be released into the wild as soon as they are self sustaining!

In the meantime Freya has made them a nest, cut them some blankets, recycled some old socks as nesting pouches, helped with feeding and made on outdoor play area . We have talked about whether they will survive and whether we have done the right thing in removing them without firm evidence that their parents were dead. So, good learning all round. Only time will tell the outcome

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