Keeping active

Being in a house has had some great benefits and some not so great side effects.

When in the caravan nearly all the toys are kept in the awning, forcing the girls outside and into / almost into nature.

We so much floor space in the house they are more inclined to set up roads, houses, role play or tea parties indoors making them far more sedentary.

A side effect of this is restless legs! We’re not sure if that is a real term… but of our girls it manifests in jiggling, bouncing, kicking and indoor sprints! Not ideal when the house you are in is not at all child friendly!

So! If we can’t get them to play outside – which we try at all costs – we get them to expel energetic in a controlled way indoors.

One way is to play the set songs on the keyboard… this leads to some incredible interpretive dance, particularly from Flossy who often closes her eyes and swirls to the music!

Another is Cosmic Kids yoga, Felicity in particular is a great yogi and follows along at length… the other two get a little seduced by the screen and get caught just watching!

My friend Emma at Debutots Hull has great online drama classes which engage Flossy and Felicity in dance, drama and story telling.

But, the most successful and engaging of them all is when Daddy suggests a family Joe Wicks workout!

As a Personal Trainer in training he lives watching the activities, correcting their ‘form’ and modeling a brilliant learning attitude. This gets them all engaged and duly worn out before bath and bed. Joe is a legend of lockdown as far as we are concerned 🙂

After a workout session with Joe Wicks!

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