Art studio

Never has a parcel been more anticipated!

Banny and Bumpa had posted a parcel to us while we were still in Crete. Unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time before we headed off in hope of a trip across Europe!

Little did we know we wouldn’t make it far… but that’s another story entirely.

Granny Caz kindly room receipt of the parcel and it was supposed to head back to the UK both Uncle Benj when he visited in May. But of course that never happens either.

When we finally arrived in France, and knew we were to be still for a while, Caz posted the parcel to us.

It took weeks to arrive… fortunately this time we were still in place when the post came.

The girls were so excited!

On the 14th of July they unwrapped 3 pairs of tights each, some art canvases and a whiteboard for Flissy.

The girls were so excited.

They wore tights despite the heat and created an art studio in the awning.

They used the canvases to create some beautiful works of art for daddy’s birthday.

For the price of the postage we could probably have bought the contents three times over. But the joy was palpable so I’m sure it was worth it!

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