Everything in moderation

…. including moderation!

This was one of my dad’s favorite quotes. Well one of many!

We love that our girls are such creative souls. Being able to home school then this year and follow their interests, spend time on their weaker areas and maintain their self-esteem while learning has been a privilege.

One way that we ensure more learning and more creativity is that we limit TV.

In fact, we don’t have a TV. Our WiFi access / 4G is not strong enough to stream movies or TV so, we have the perfect excuse too.

We do have movies in an external hard drive that people have kindly uploaded for us and some old DVDs from charity shops.

We have always limited TV and screen time, even when we did have access. In Texas we introduced pizza and movie night on a Friday as a way of making TV time family time and giving us a night off cooking!

Now, we continue the tradition with homemade pizzas and an IPad / laptop 🙂

We talk about what we watch, discuss the plot, uncover social injustice, consider civil rights infractions and just enjoy staring!

The girls love it and we love it too.

Every thing has a time and place including indulgence 🙂

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