Pressed flowers

Another lovely creative activity that really engaged the girls’ imaginations.

We had collected flowers from around our Sicilian campsite as they fell. This was so we could make keepsakes to help us remember our time living at the beach 🙂

With all the travelling and changes of home etc we had forgotten that they were still pressed in some hard back books under the sofa.

When we cleaned the van ready for our little holiday at the beach we found them again.

Using the blooms as dresses and hair the girls made collage images for little cards. They were beautiful…. until Felicity destroyed them.

A lesson in mixed aged classrooms.

Big girls like working with delicate flowers drawing arms, legs, heads etc.

Little girls like scissors!

So, we had a learning point about putting away things that are precious if we want them to survive 😦

Fortunately I had taken a couple of photos…. just means we will have to try again!

Resilience, persistence, forgiveness, acceptance and optimism. Not bad for an unplanned lesson!

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