Paddle boarding PE

While we were at the lake we did a LOT of PE 🙂

I did my usual daily yoga and daddy did his workouts too.

In addition we took advantage of our location and got out and about a lot.

It is a 3.5km walk around the lake which we both walked and cycled.

The beach was about 500m away and we walked or cycled there and back everyday.

In addition to swimming in the lake every sunny day we also splashed about in the kayak!

The first paddle out we were approached by a life guard in a motor boat. Be used as to what we had done I managed to decipher his French sufficiently enough to realize that not only must the children wear life vests (which they were) but I had to too.

As I had no life vest we had to return to shore, motor the boat, walk to the beach, borrow a vest, walk back and start again!

Fortunately they love the kayak!

After having bought a life vest we took the water again and again. Even getting the two big girls to stand up and start to gain their balance. With the small oar they both had a go at ‘paddle boarding’ while the rest of us sat back and enjoyed the view!

Little did they realize all the core, arm, shoulder and leg work they were doing.

Everyone slept pretty well at the lake 🙂

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