Putting on a show

When we used to run our own residential trips at Guillemont (my first Headship) on the last night we always had a ‘show’.

The kids would rehearse for weeks before the trip.

They had their own compare, had to pack and bring any resources with them in the mini bus… costumes, CDs of music, props etc.

The teachers were judges and the prizes were always sweet treats (to try and stop too many other nights of sugar rush sleeplessness!)

Acts included dances, songs, plays, raps, poems etc (And I always performed as Mrs F the rap star ‘singing’ a poem that summarized the events of the week before the finale while the teachers added up the scores.)

Clearly all this happened in my life before kids… so it was with even greater amazement than usual that I discovered how the girls had kept themselves busy while Nick and I were packing up on our last night by the lake!

We entered the caravan to be met with a decorated staging area.

The girls had used their sheets to make bunting which had been backlit by the down lights. Pillows had been placed all around the seating area as additional padding. There was a girls side and a boys side with cuddly toys joining us in the audience.

We were entertained by some story telling and acting (we didn’t follow it all, there was a dog, some ghosts and a snake!) but it was entertaining none the less.

Freya appeared to be the director with Flossy adding some extra direction in her dulcet stage whisper frequently from the wings as Fliss tried to navigate the caravan under her ghost costume!

You probably had to be there to appreciate it fully… but I feel a new family end of holiday tradition coming on none the less 😉

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