Harvesting what we find

The French countryside is abundant with fresh produce. Blackberries are already ripening on the bushes, the orchard at the bottom of the garden is providing us with apples and pairs every other day and, now we are back at the house, we are being literally ‘hit’ by plums falling from over head every time we walk to the caravan and back.

The girls are fascinated by this.

Having lived in rented accommodation for all of their young lives we have not had the resources to plant food for ourselves .

Our lentil, chickpea and carrot seedlings were left to fend for themselves in Sicily and our rocket and lettuce are making steady progress in the garden but aren’t setting their world on fire shall we say!

The amazing plums we have been scrumping have delighted them though!

We collected the newly fallen black and yellow plums on the way to the van on Saturday as we were unpacking.

Flossy washed them all and shares them out along with slices of fresh fig also found just outside he house.

The girls devoured theirs with some ice cream from the freezer while I had the dairy free option.

They are delicious!

They are already working out how often we need to do the walk to get a plate full of plums and what other things we can make 🙂

All this permaculture studying has been rubbing off on them after all!

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