Independent sewing

It all started with me altering a pair of Nick’s shorts….

He was going to give them to charity, but I kept hold of them in case my Hashimoto’s AIP diet led to me losing any weight… 10kgs later, they fit, but were too long. So, I set about taking them up.

The girls love anything craft, so my sewing box was like a treasure trove of goodies to them.

Before you know it they were cutting up scraps from the craft box and demanding help with needle threading.

Flossy wanted to make a teddy reindeer. She used scraps of felt and googly eyes to make a super little character with great expression.

Freya, who is quite an accomplished sewer already wanted to make something a bit more complicated. She used felt to create a head and body then used some denim cut offs to make and stuff trousers for her creature. He apparently still needs a jacket and arms so she has plans to keep working but this is how he looks so far.

Flossy gave Felicity a previous creation to decorate, which she did with Flossy’s help.

Didn’t cost a penny, required only minimal help and supervision and kept them busy for ages! Highly recommended for anyone who doesn’t mind threading a lot of needles 🙂

And the shorts look pretty good too!

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