Felicity ‘writing’

It is so interesting and such a privilege watching Felicity learning to ‘write’

I’ve never been an Early Years specialist. I was put off during my teaching practice when one little boy in particular kept putting his hand up my trouser leg and stroking my hairy calves (winter and long hours meant I wasn’t shaving them as often clearly!)

So, most of my Early Years experience has been from the position of a leader and theoretical.

It is so fascinating!

I think I may have missed my vocation…

This week Felicity has taken to drawing pictures then writing annotations about them either above or below them.

She is happy to explain what she has written and is so proud of her ‘words’.

We have continued to help her develop her fine motor skills by making a name sheet and putting it in a plastic wallet. She then uses a whiteboard pen to trace over her name. Something she takes great pride in doing.

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